#WednesdayWisdom: Rozemarijn Dols

Female Angels | Money Raised | Ep. 5
2nd April 2019
#FounderFriday: Lucy von Sturmer
12th April 2019

Today we’re introducing you to Rozemarijn Dols: author, psychologist, entrepreneur and what not. As her book “Is the Lady for Turning?” on female leadership was launched on March 5, we’re talking to Rozemarijn about women – or: the lack thereof – in the publishing industry. Curious to read the full book? You can order your copy here.

Could you please introduce yourself and the book you just launched?

My name is Rozemarijn Dols, I am an Organizational Psychologist, coach and I have written several books about leadership. When I read my last book about lessons from movies about leadership, I saw without realizing it, that the main characters were men. Such a shame! Then I thought I had to publish a new book about female leaders in movies and documentaries, heroines and pioneers, women who break the rules. And nowadays there are many female directors who make movies with an interesting female perspective.

Why are women still underrepresented in business (and in business books)?

There’s no simple, easy answer. It’s a complex mix of all kinds of factors. I think women meet roadblocks like glass ceilings, gender stereotyping, etc., but sometimes they do have internal roadblocks, like for instance ‘The Imposter syndrome’ and sometimes they have internalized the concept of female inferiority.

What is the importance of the Women in Leadership workshops you give?

When you ask female leaders or female entrepreneurs what they really need to fulfill their ambitions, the answer is always the same: Inspiring female role models! In my workshops I try to offer all kinds of inspiring female role models often based on true stories or documentaries. Women who have overcome all kinds of roadblocks and prejudice, and choose their own way, like for instance Antonia Brico, one of the very first conducters. She really had to fight for a place in the classic music world and she succeeded.

What does the future hold for you, your book and your company?

I always like to investigate, to read and write. I advice organizations about leadership development, talent spotting and team coaching. I wish to go on with what I am doing now and to develop myself further as a specialist in female leadership.

What’s your best advice for our members?

Read books about real-life heroines, watch movies with inspiring role models  or groundbreaking women and surround yourselves with dedicated mentors.