#WednesdayWisdom: 5 qualities you need to look for when building a team

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7th August 2019
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20th August 2019

Employees are fickle, you’re not entirely sure if they’re really there to stay or if they’ll leave in just a few months—either way, hiring and releasing employees cost the company money and time. That’s why hiring employees that are known to be dedicated and hardworking is important, thus the importance of passing preemployment tests. These tests will determine if this person should be hired and trained or be rejected, so none of the company resources will be wasted in investing on a new hire.

Aside from various required tests, like the drug tests or aptitude tests, there are some qualities and behavior that you have to keep an eye out for. Some people will emit confidence, grace, and professionalism but are likely different when it comes to work. So how will you know if this new employee is a keeper and is filled with qualities your company needs? Here are traits and qualities you can watch out for so you won’t have to waste resources:

  1. Long-term mind-set. A candidate is known to stay longer if they have a degree, not because of their qualification in that field of study. It also shows that this candidate is willing to stay longer to produce results. A candidate with various certifications and probably has undergone graduate school is likely to stay longer, pursue professional growth, and aim for more long-term advancement opportunities in the company.
  2. Productive. A productive candidate means they will speak about their past experiences in detail—maybe even more information that wasn’t written in their résumé. If the achievements and the successful projects made are listed and is supported by proof, this person will likely contribute fresh ideas that will help boost the company’s production and performance. Candidates who are confident and creative are likely to advance more in the corporate world.
  3. Enthusiastic and passionate. You know the candidate cares when they actually ask more questions and do more once hired. They don’t only work for the sake of earning money; they work because they care and they love their jobs. When a candidate is passionate, positive, and enthusiastic about everything, they will likely lead people to do more and achieve higher goals. These people are likely to thrive in managerial departments and other leadership roles.
  4. Innovative. Preemployment tests can reveal how candidates solve problems and complete tasks in a given time, and it shows what kind of potential they are capable of. Innovative candidates aren’t afraid to use their skills to accomplish tasks on time and even create a permanent solution to recurring problems. They are also known to be professional—composed amidst crisis and are willing to do their best despite the heaps of problems they face. If the candidate shows promising solutions and problem-solving skills during the interview, then they are a good investment.
  5. Natural fit. Being enthusiastic and positive is good, but it’s important that a candidate’s personality fits and cultivates the culture built in the company. They should also know how to work with other people and know what’s best for the company. While it can be unavoidable to have conflicts and dislike one another, it’s important that they know tasks and projects come first before the differences.

By guest editor:

Tara Bernal
Community Relations Manager