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31st July 2019
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When you do it correctly, network marketing can be a long-term and highly sustainable source of income. Despite its negative reputation, network marketing is a proven business method for many people who have built careers doing what they love and what they’re good at. Living in the information age means everything is about building and existing in networks, so why not capitalize on it? Here are some tips on how to make the most of network marketing.

Ask the experts for help

When you’re just starting out, the whole process can seem tedious and time-consuming. Of course, this is natural, because you’re new to the system and haven’t found your groove yet, or practiced enough to find tried-and-true methods of network marketing. The best course of action to take if you aren’t sure how to start is to ask the experts.

Seek out a networking marketing consultant who can share their proven methods and give you advice on what skills you need to build in order to find great success. It never hurts to have a conversation with an expert to find out what methods, tips, and tricks they use. 

Set your own schedule

The biggest benefit of network marketing is that you are your own boss running your own business. Once someone has trained and sponsored you, or if you’ve entered the network marketing system on your own, you can decide how you want to run your business. Whether you make it a full-time priority or use it as a side hustle that works around another job or other commitments, the flexibility is there for you to decide. You can set your own hours and choose which days of the week you want to work – they don’t need to be set in stone either, so you can change it up every week if you like, as long as you remain productive.

Organize your time effectively

If you are trying to be successful with network marketing, you don’t need to spend all your time pounding the pavement, so to speak. Successful network marketing means training others to duplicate the process, so everyone is enjoying the benefits. You can do this in only a few dedicated hours per week if you can manage your time effectively.

Consider each hour you work as a building block for your long-term business development and growth. Time spent making connections, sponsoring others, and teaching them how to sell using proven methods will effectively duplicate yourself. If you earn a percentage off their sales, as the process continues, your income will compound as they duplicate themselves and continue the process. This is a much more productive use of your time, rather than putting in all of the effort yourself, every single day.  

Organizing your time effectively may require some tools to help you stay focused and on track, especially if you’re using your home as your office (distractions are everywhere!). Practice time management skills, as they will undoubtedly become helpful when running your own schedule. 

Build your skills

Network marketing is strongly focused on networking, so it’s a given that your networking skills will grow as you learn and find your way through the process. However, there are parallel skills that you can grow as well that can transfer to other work if need be. Branding and marketing your product is important, so learning how to be an effective copywriter, social media marketer, and potentially even trying your hand at some graphic design will prove to be invaluable for network marketing. 

It may be beneficial to hire a skilled freelancer when you’re starting out, so you don’t overwhelm yourself and take on more work than you can handle. Having professional grade marketing assets will not only help you sell your product, but will demonstrate what methods are effective and what your audience responds positively to. Learn from this while you study up yourself so you can take on these skills one day down the road.