#TuesdayThoughts: how to protect your business’s network successfully

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8th July 2019
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10th July 2019

Your business’s network should be treated as well as you would treat a precious jewel or a loved one. That may seem like an extraordinary thing to say, but imagine if your network was compromised in some way; imagine if a cybercriminal could get inside. What would happen then? You would lose money, business, your reputation, and your customers. In other words, you could quite easily lose everything.

Therefore, this is the one area of running your business that you cannot ignore. Your top priority should be ensuring that it is all kept safe. Without a secure business network, you might not have anything at all. Read on to find out just how you can protect this most important business asset.

Keep Your Router Physically Safe

The first thing you should do when starting the process of protecting your business’s network is to keep your router somewhere safe, where there is limited access to other people. These units often come with reset buttons, and if someone is determined to destroy everything you have worked for, pressing this button is an easy way to do it – your security settings will be removed, and they will have immediate access to your network.

It is best to keep the router in a locked room and only have one key. You shouldn’t need to access it much at all, and the fewer people who can get to it, the better. Even if there is no malicious intent, accidentally hitting the button can leave you vulnerable to attack.

Use Endpoint Security

The equipment that is used to carry out your work, and that is connected to the network, such as a laptop, desktop, or potentially a tablet or smartphone must be protected at all costs. The best way to do this is with endpoint security so that if someone has access to your network, they won’t be able to do a lot with that access if they are blocked when they reach the endpoint. 

Using endpoint detection and response from www.mcafee.com will give you endpoint monitoring in real time, showing you exactly what is happening in your network. It will also collect data to show you where you are most potentially prone to attack and allow you to ensure that you take measures to make things safer.

Update Your Settings

Every now and then you will have a notification on your device that asks you to restart the unit for updates to take place. It’s tempting to ignore this when it happens since it will result in your computer shutting down and delaying your work.

However, it’s best to let those updates occur. The more up to date the software you are using is, the more sophisticated it is when it comes to cyber attacks, giving you the best chance of staying safe. Cybercriminals look for out of date software as this gives them an easy way into a network; updating everything when it needs to be done will help to keep you safer.