Top degrees for women in the workforce

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8th December 2016
What Women Gain From MBAs
5th January 2017

If you’re thinking about branching out into your own business in the coming year, or want to try and land a promotion or transition into a new career, it is important to have education behind you if you want to fast-track your results.

After all, competition for jobs and resources has increased over the past decade as unemployment rates have stayed quite high, which means that having a degree can sometimes make all the difference to your chances of success.

As well, studying an undergraduate or higher degree also provides you with more knowledge, skills, experience and networks which you can use to impress employers, interviewers, investors, and the like, and help you to do a better job day in and day out.

If you’re thinking about studying in the new year, whether full-time or part-time, read on for some of the top degrees you might like to consider which are helpful for women in the workforce.


Whether you plan to start your own company, currently already have a venture, or simply want to learn more about the ins and outs of business, a degree in this area can be of great help to people in all industries, and is particularly popular with entrepreneurs.

If you already have an undergraduate degree in another area, you might like to think about studying for an online MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) to help your career, whatever your level. MBAs are perfect for current or would-be entrepreneurs as they are typically quite flexible, and allow students to study diverse areas such as finance, administration, marketing, leadership, accounting, business management and more.

As such, these types of degrees (as well as undergraduate degrees in the area) help students to gain a well-rounded understanding of the mechanics and practical aspects of running an organization.

MBAs can also be great for networking and building relationships with the right people; and can help you with job opportunities before you launch your own venture. Degrees in business also tend to open up opportunities for students to work in varied fields and geographical locations once they have completed their studies.


Another top area to consider studying to help you with your career is psychology. After all, many aspects of running a venture, but particularly marketing and sales functions, will be made much easier if you understand how people think, shop, buy, and more.

You can use the knowledge learned from a degree in psychology to:

  • Help you not only target the right customers
  • Convert more leads
  • Build a better brand
  • Choose the right products or develop the best services
  • Attract investors and media attention
  • And more

Skills in the area of psychology can also be invaluable when it comes to choosing and luring top job candidates to your organization, and in motivating, inspiring, and leading a team. The more engaged, committed, and happy workers are, after all, the better the results for your workplace will be.


Of course, it’s also very difficult to build a thriving business or lead a team to greatness if you don’t understand the ins and outs of economics and how markets work. Learning about cashflow, investments, the banking industry, and other financial elements studied in an economics degree will help you make your venture or projects more successful.

You will develop knowledge in how politics affects financial sectors in micro and macro ways, learn information that will help you attract venture capitalists or other potential investors, and get insight into how you can better market a business, product, or service.

In addition, while economics has been a favored option in FAME (finance, accountancy, management, and economics) studies for years because of the career stability that comes from having a degree in this area, it is even more beneficial now due to the rise of Big Data.

Analyzing and using big data sets can help women in the workforce in many different ways, from securing top-paying analytical roles through to using data to develop and run businesses.

Computer Science

Lastly, another constantly growing area which women should consider studying for career stability and potential entrepreneurial endeavors is computer science. We live in a more technologically-driven world these days, which makes computer skills and knowledge extremely valuable.

There is digital disruption occurring across most industries at the moment, so people who understand how to make use of technology to create and/or improve products, services, and processes will continue to be in demand.

In fact, according to details released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT sector is booming, and there is estimated to be a growth of approximately 22 percent in employment in the area in the lead up to 2020.

What you can learn from a computer-science degree can help you to break into a variety of emerging industries. It can also give you the skills you need to create the next best-selling app, social media site, game, or service. Or it can help you tap into the growth in Big Data via the creation of analytics programs.