TheNextWomen Thrive Program is a program specifically designed for our thriving (or soon to be thriving) members.

Definition of thriving
: characterized by success or prosperity a thriving business

Members of TheNextWomen network have the ambition to build amazing, innovative and life-changing companies. But you can't do it on your own.
That's why we created a community of ambitious female founders, investors and professionals. To help and empower each other. With knowledge, capital and connections.

So you have everything in place to thrive!

Of course you already receive quite a lot of coaching and expertise when you're a member of TheNextWomen. We organize bi-monthly Coaching Hours for 1-on-1 advice, quarterly Funding Mornings to help you practice your pitch and get funding advice and there's the peer-2-peer support in the form of your very own Founders' Focus Groups.

But to really succeed, you might just need that little bit of extra support ..

Extra support in the form of a dedicated mentor, coach, expert. Someone that has gone through the process before, and who's willing to share their learnings with you. So what's the difference between one of the Thrive Programs and the curated access you already have to our database?
Well, the curated access grants you as many first conversations with experts from our database as you need.
But it doesn't guarantee you any long-term coaching.

Reason? Time, money, the usual.

That's why we're starting the Thrive Program in 2019. To connect you to one of our valued experts for that extra push. Whether it's for a strategy session, help with your pitch deck or support in your funding journey. We've got you covered.

And for prices that are way below market-conform, only for members of TheNextWomen network.

Let's thrive together!

Diana Krieger

Serial Entrepreneur & Angel investor | Soverin

Mirjam van Tiel

Entrepreneur & Angel investor | SheEO

Janine Tillema

Entrepreneur & Angel investor

Ursula van Dijk

Entrepreneur | Viwell