TheNextWomen’s 2018 in a nutshell

Female Founders | Money Raised | Ep. 8
20th December 2018
Female Angels | Money Raised | Ep. 1
3rd January 2019

Now that 2019 is around the corner; it’s time to reflect on 2018. What a year it was!

2018. The year in which we’ve celebrated our annual list of 100 successful female entrepreneurs during a wonderful dinner, in which we’ve developed new additions to our membership program, and in which we’ve organized an international pitch competition. In this article we’ll reminisce on last year’s milestones.


In the last seven years TheNextWomen has celebrated the success of female entrepreneurs by creating an annual list, putting a spotlight on their achievements and generating visible role models. The list started out with 50 women, but has evolved into TheNextWomen100; 100 successful female entrepreneurs, divided into 6 categories.

Organizing the dinner this year was more important than ever. With reports coming out showing the ever so present gender gap not closing, it’s up to organizations like ours to help female entrepreneurs where ever we can. Because: when women support women, amazing things happen. In may 2018, the 8th edition of the TNW100 diner took place in the amazing loft of the A’DAM Tour. What a success it was!

TheNextWomen Pitch Competition

With TheNextWomen Pitch Competition women invest in women. Our pitch competition is designed for early-stage startups to gain exposure and valuable feedback. Over 100+ female startup founders applied, pitched, and trained to become this year’s number 1. The finalists of recent editions of the competitions; Printr, Vastari, Plugify & Endeer raised between €500K and€750K funding within 9 months after winning the competition. Finalist LifeSense even went to close a round of €3 million.

The 6th edition of TheNextWomen Pitch Competition kicked-off in March 2018. This year’s edition was focusing on conquering the international market: the competition was organized in Tunis, Amsterdam, Paris and London. Starting female entrepreneurs from all over the world applied to become this year’s number one. The lucky winner was Isbel&Co, a platform providing (digital) counseling for relationship and sexual health. The second runner up was MT Art Agency (London) and the third runner up was Cafedeco (Amsterdam).

Founders’ Focus Groups

In the summer of 2018, a brand new addition to the existing member events was created: the Founders’ Focus Groups. We know that as an entrepreneur you start out small. You begin your company with a small team, maybe even only you. But you can’t do it all on your own. You need to be able to work on your company and not only in it. Focus is key. But we all know that focus is hard to keep when there’s so much going on.

In peer to peer groups we connect our members together for monthly meetups where you will get feedback and advice on your current challenges. See it as your own support tribe. By bringing your struggles and challenges to a group of likeminded female founders you will be able to make a next step and get that much needed support. In the meantime we can proudly say that we have 9 amazing Founders’ Focus Groups in our network.

Stay tuned for many more adventures, milestones and events coming up in 2019!

Article by: Maxime ten Brinke