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In the last seven years TheNextWomen has celebrated the success of female entrepreneurs by creating an annual list, putting a spotlight on their achievements and generating visible rolemodels. The list started out with 50 women, but has evolved into TheNextWomen100; 100 successful female entrepreneurs, divided over 6 categories.

This year it's more important than ever!
With reports coming out showing the ever so present gender gap not closing, it's up to organisations like ours to help female entrepreneurs where ever we can. Because empowered women empower everyone!

That's why we've also added TheNextWomen to Watch list to our annual moment of celebration. For the last three years, female entrepreneurial talent that wasn't quit ready to be a TheNextWomen100 got a spot in TheNextWomen to Watch. These entrepreneurs are on their way to change the world.

The Launch | Sep 16 2019
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Every year we festively launch the list during TheNextWomen Summit, but as all good entrepreneurs know: you have to kill your darlings. That's why we've decided to skip the Summit a year. It's been great, fantastic & awesome to host an event for 1000 female entrepreneurs, investors. & professionals, but this year we're doing this different.

This year's launch will be part of an exclusive dinner for:

TheNextWomen100 - TheNextWomen to Watch - TheNextWomen Members - TheNextWomen Crowd Fund & our partners.
During this dinner TheNextWomen will do what we do best; match entrepreneurs, investors and professionals to relevant people from the network.
Someone to help your business go to the next fase. Someone that might have the same plans for the future and collaboration could mean more success. Someone that is looking to invest in a business like yours. Someone that's just a good laugh or conversation.
You will walk away from this evening with at least 3 relevant connections, that will help you make to next step.
Because when women support women, amazing things happen! (and sometimes a man can help as well)

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het Rijk van de Keizer
Joris van den Berghweg 109
1067 HP Amsterdam

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TheNextWomen100 aims to promote an inclusive eco-system of entrepreneurs and enterprises. In this eco-system startups, investors, entrepreneurs and corporate businesses bear the responsibility towards one another to stimulate the economy, by advising and investing in each other. Female leaders are under-represented in this eco-system, causing the Dutch economy to miss out on important growth opportunities. Only 8% of all high-growth entrepreneurs are women; only 4% of all investors are women; and only 5% of female startups successfully gain access to venture capital. What’s more, women entrepreneurs have a harder time breaking through the 1 million euros turnover barrier. By giving visibility to today’s most important and innovative female leaders, and to leading female tech and high-growth startups, TheNextWomen stimulates the entire eco-system, while showing both male and female investors that there is healthy deal flow. TheNextWomen100 nominees stimulate each other. We also ask TheNextWomen100 to actively support startups. To further promote this economic cycle and a healthy and inclusive eco-system, we launched TheNextWomen Crowd Fund, allowing experienced female leaders to invest in female startups. TheNextWomen is the only research & development project, event, network and fund that focuses on bringing together experienced female entrepreneurs and innovative startups.