TheNextWomen Tunis meets Amsterdam

Keynote Eline Leijten
“There is a difference, and there is a gender funding gap.”
8th November 2018
Female Founders | Money Raised | Ep. 5
8th November 2018

November 7, 2018, TheNextWomen office in downtown Amsterdam, 8 female founders from TheNextWomen Tunis arrived for a workshop on Funding & Pitching.


Six of the visiting founders were the finalists of TheNextWomen Pitch Competition in Tunis earlier this March. Two were invited by the Dutch Embassy to also participate in this business trip. The goal? To exchange knowledge and know-how between Dutch and Tunisian founders and to do a whole lot of networking.


Upon arriving on Monday November 5, the delegation visited the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, YES! Delft, Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship and StartupDelta. Arriving at TheNextWomen office on Wednesday afternoon.


The program consisted of a masterclass on different types of funding and in what stages you might need them, followed by a workshop on the perfect pitch. The afternoon was not only attended by the Tunisian founders, but they were joined by a selection of the Dutch female founders and angels, part of TheNextWomen network in the Netherlands.


Because to secure funding, you need a good pitch. And not just any pitch: your 1-minute pitch, 3-minute pitch, 15-minute pitch and of course your party pitch.

Whether your business is located in Tunis or Amsterdam.


To help all founders check their pitches, they also received the assessment grid used by TheNextWomen. This checklist makes it possible to see if you discuss all the necessary topics in your deck to convince an investor that they need to fund your business.


After the capital and knowledge part, it was time for the connections!

All founders were matched to the relevant Dutch founders and angels that were in the room. To connect, to share, to exchange and to inspire.



A great last stop on this tour of the Tunisian delegation.

On to great next steps and even more exchanges of knowledge, capital and connections.