8th August 2018
Madeleine Bunders

Madeleine Bunders: “The chances to connect people to chances on the job market”

First published on Madeleine Bunders is operations director at Pantar, a job development company and organization that is traditionally giving effect to the sheltered job […]
11th June 2018

Dorrie Eilers | Neptunus | Joining the Family Business and Growing it

Dorrie Eilers, along with her brother Antoine and sister Betty, run the family-business Neptunus, a company that supplies temporary structures for events, pop-up shops, sporting halls […]
11th December 2017
Women in AI

The Importance of Women in Artificial Intelligence

It was once only an idea that machines would be able to think like humans. With the rapid advancements of technology, however, it is now a […]
24th November 2017
Woman working

Advantages of Having Female Workers in Executive Positions

Over the past 3 years the Dutch employment rate has improved significantly and it is all thanks to more women joining the workforce. Statistics Netherlands announced […]
30th August 2017
Women working

Why We Need Continuing Education

Why We Need Continuing Education   It may feel like well-trodden ground, but the fact remains true: Women aren’t equal to men in the workplace. The […]
20th April 2017

The 5 Advantages of Being a Female Entrepreneur

While it is easy to count the difficulties of being a woman, it is also easy to think up some significant positives: We live longer, we […]
17th February 2017

Employment Compliance Tips for Women Business Owners

Whether you have a very small team in your office, or lead a business that has thousands of employees, it’s incredibly important to ensure that your […]
29th November 2016

Why I have no reservations hiring heavily pregnant staff

My company, Sidekicks, employs eight people. All eight are female, two have young children, one spent nine years out of the workplace raising her family before […]
15th November 2016

Emancipation in Tech: Gender Equality, without a Quota.

Earlier this year, Dutch Minister of Education and Emancipation Jet Bussemaker launched a website that lists all new top management vacancies in business. The portal has […]
25th October 2016

5 Global Expansion Tricks for the Ambitious Entrepreneur

Allan Watson outlines his 5 Global Expansion Tricks for the Ambitious Entrepreneur. Your company may only have three employees and be headquartered in your parents’ home, but that […]