11th December 2018

How to: 7 tips for the networking-shy

The holidays are coming up and so are the festive networking events – time to work on your networking skills. Anyone who gets shy at the […]
8th November 2018
Keynote Eline Leijten

“There is a difference, and there is a gender funding gap.”

Keynote by Eline Leijten Amsterdam, Thursday October 4th 2018, the 6th edition of TheNextWomen Pitch Competition in an international context. Eline Leijten, founder of Plugify and […]
7th September 2018

Expert interview: 13 questions on Funding & Pitching (part 1)

Andrea Cockerton, founder of Mudhut Consulting, the Cambridge-based venture market consultancy works with entrepreneurs of both start-ups and more established SME’s on pitching for business critical […]
1st August 2018

The mission of network club TheNextWomen: ‘Creating an equal, inclusive business ecosystem’

– This article was first published on by Simon van Teutem – There is already enough talk about old boys networks. Quote went to visit […]
11th June 2018

Dorrie Eilers | Neptunus | Joining the Family Business and Growing it

Dorrie Eilers, along with her brother Antoine and sister Betty, run the family-business Neptunus, a company that supplies temporary structures for events, pop-up shops, sporting halls […]
15th March 2018

Why #timesup is for men too

9 ways men can contribute to making tech more diverse and inclusive Article first published on: It is an extraordinary time for women’s impact, self-expression […]
11th December 2017
Women in AI

The Importance of Women in Artificial Intelligence

It was once only an idea that machines would be able to think like humans. With the rapid advancements of technology, however, it is now a […]
15th November 2017

Leveraging Microsites to Convert Social Traffic More Often

You know the basics of social media marketing campaigns and how they can ultimately benefit your brand. But how can you take them a step further […]
7th November 2017
TheNextWomen Desk

How to Bring your Small Business up to the Next Level

How to Bring your Small Business up to the Next Level Running your own small business is both one of life’s most rewarding experiences as well […]
30th August 2017
Women working

Why We Need Continuing Education

Why We Need Continuing Education   It may feel like well-trodden ground, but the fact remains true: Women aren’t equal to men in the workplace. The […]