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16th June 2016
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16th June 2016

I am convinced that children learn the most about life when they are playing outside. As my son of 6, who always was outside building huts, skating, fishing, cycling and playing soccer with his friends. However, when it was time to come home he usually was nowhere to find in the neighborhood, although we knew he was around. Pretty soon we came up with the idea of a -stand-alone- smartwatch so we always would stay connected with our children. Just one phonecall away. No more worries in our daily busy lives and more freedom and adventure for the children. Wherever they would go, by themselves, to school, sports, camping, school trip, and playing outside.

We had so much positive feedback that we made a business plan, found investors and developed Rebel Cactus smartwatch. A stand-alone smartwatch for tree climbers, daydreamers and daredevils that will discover their own world with pride and confidence. With a cool design-your-own concept, smart games, a lot of fun like music, photo’s, films, and a phone. Nowadays we cooperate with a passionate team to sell Rebel Cactus all over the world. Rebel Cactus, explore your world!

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