€50 a month, billed annually or monthly*

Why join TheNextWomen?

As member of TheNextWomen you join a global community of ambitious women. Everything we do, we do to connect you to capital, knowledge, network. We believe that anything is possible if the right connections are made. All the founders and investors in our community are giving and getting.

Your PLATINUM membership with TheNextWomen ensures you that you have the maximal benefits from our community
* When you become a member, you do so for 12 consecutive months, after that you can cancel on a monthly basis

And what might that be exactly?


Join your Founder Focus Group
Meet on a quaterly basis with 5-7 fellow female founders/investors/professionals for advice, inspiration & networking
Access to the Boardroom Program
4 In-depth knowlegde sessions with and for PLATINUM members only
Access to database of female startups with 5 meeting requests
Invite interesting investors & founders to have a chat and do some networking
Be featured as an expert/investor on our online platform
Position yourself as the expert you are
Be an expert at the Coaching Hours
Share your knowlegde and help our PRO members to reach the same success as you have
Receive updates with investment opportunities from our network
Build your portfolio and support female entrepreneurship


Tickets to TheNextWomen100 Launch & Diner
As a PLATINUM Member you automatically receive tickets to the Launch of TNW100 and our female-only Funding Event
Tickets to TheNextWomen Pitch Competition & Female Funding
As a PLATINUM Member you automatically receive tickets to the Launch of TNW100 and our female-only Funding Event

*When you're introduced to a community member (aka investors from TheNextWomen Crowd Fund, Pro members, Platinum members, investor relations and/or partners) within the network of TheNextWomen and you succesfully acquire funding through that person or that person's network, we charge a 2% success fee. Our contact mailinglist in leading.

This makes it possible for us to keep our membership fees as low as possible.

Frequenstly Asked Questions - What's in it for me?

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Eugenie de Bresser

SKS Alles Kids

Simone Heidema


Glenda Nuhn


Tamara Obradov

Tablomonto Ventures

Jolanda Degen

Darwin Invest

Oya Yavuz


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What type of women have joined TheNextWomen?

This challengers platform is for female high potentials with ambition, optimism, and persistence. As a member of TheNextWomen you will get access to all the knowledge and tools you need to boost your capital and network.

Do you accept applications from all countries around the world?

You are welcome to join TheNextWomen from all over the world. There might not be a chapter near you, but you can always connect to other members online. You can even start your own chapter. Interested? Please contact us.

What are the different types of TheNextWomen Memberships?

We have three levels of membership: Student, Pro and Platinum. While all members have access to our exclusive community, higher levels of memberships offer specific exclusive benefits for different stages in your entrepreneurial journey. Pro programs supports startups and average-experienced women to boost their company to the next level; The Platinum is for successful entrepreneurs, investors (i.e. TheNextWomen100), and executives to connect to the few in the top and to give back to the community (> €1.000.000 yearly revenue & international operations).
I’m not sure if TheNextWomen is right for me. Is TheNextWomen another one of these ‘women’s clubs’?

You are more than welcome to experience TheNextWomen yourself. You can always join us at one of our inspirational Open Office Hours, every Thursday. These will show you that we focus on the strengths of female entrepreneurs and that the experience and knowledge of the women (and men) in our network will boost your business and assist you in bringing your business to the next level.

Is TheNextWomen focused on a specific sector?

We believe that ambitious and innovative female entrepreneurs are best helped by a cross-sector approach. They are strengthened to the max when connected to women who can guide them to the next level. That person might be active in the same sector, but might as well be found in a totally different field of expertise.

Is this a personal or a business membership?

You join TheNextWomen as an individual, but we are business focussed. We aim to create an inclusive ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors & professionals.