Pitch Competition | Wildcard


On June 21 a jury of esteemed investors heard 18 strong and powerful pitches performed by 18 equally strong and powerful entrepreneurs. Only 10 of them received a direct spot in the semi-finals of TheNextWomen Pitch Competition.

But there's hope! We are giving away 1 wildcard to one of the 8 entrepreneurs that didn't make it. And this time it's not a jury of investors that get's to decide, but we're giving the power to the people!

So have a look at these 8 amazing companies and there founders.Who deserves that final spot in the semi-finals? Let us know, by submitting you're vote through the button below every entrepreneur.

The winner will be announced on August 31

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And the companies are ...

Liselotte Wannijn

SMPL Skin Care

The Company
When we switched to natural skincare a few years ago and we were surprised by the difference. Our skin improved considerably. Our skin looked fresher, more cared for and more radiant. We noticed that nothing could feed our skin as natural products, but that it is a good search to find good, honest and accessible products and information. We want to offer this and more with SMPL.
We love natural skin care! We believe that the right natural products can actually make a difference for your skin and the world around it and we want to focus on that. BeBio.nl is now smplskin.com. And SMPL ... just works.

Gül Akcaova

Sidekick Mattie

The Company
Sidekick Mattie offers (customized) solutions for all people who need to be online 24/7. The solutions focus on awareness and the stimulation of behavioral change. We are an organization that offers space for research and (personal) development. We are close to the target group, which means we are better able to develop solutions that fit the world of experience. In addition, we value complaint orientation, pro-activity and we are accessible but also critical towards each other!

The smartphone is asking for more and more attention, and attention is becoming scarce because everything will require attention due to the increase in technological developments. The consequences are that, in addition to positive, they also have negative effects on individual performance at work and / or in education. In short, our functioning is disrupted in daily life!

Nadja Muller-den Blijker


The Company
iThrive is a platform for digital training in behavioral improvement with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Our training allows the best of the people to emerge and improved behavior related health risks such as stress, strokes, diabetes and obesity etc. Remarkably, iThrive works with a model that is five times more effective than the gold standard. At present, our focus is on preventing stress and burnout. Stress is a major social challenge that is becoming increasingly voluminous and whose costs in Europe and America are estimated at around € 600 billion.

Nelli Jeloudar


The Company
Bundleboon offers parents exclusive brands and personalized outfits that they could never have found themselves. Because we use personal stylists who choose all outfits, we save the hassle of the drama in the fitting rooms. Instead, you can now open a unique box full of specially selected outfits together with your child. We think that experience is the most important, so we make every box extra special with small surprises so that it is an unforgettable experience for both child and parent!

Mascha Mooy

Bye Bye Burnout

The Company
When Mascha had to deal with her own burn-out, she saw that there's was no structured approach in accompanying employees who have a burn-out. So she decided to retrain herself as a burn-out specialist, to eventually start her own company Bye Bye Burnout. Today Bye Bye Burnout is a nationwide operating network that completely focusess on SME in the Netherlands and knowlegde organisations that have at least 50-120 fte. Their approach is always focussed on the recovery.

Jara Pascual


The Company
Research has shown that both businesses and academics would like to cooperate and interact more. Both ‘sides’ recognize the potential and benefits it represent for all involved. But with the lack of a solid system this opportunity is not being seized. KNOWCO is an online matchmaking platform bringing businesses in contact with academics, that specifically suit their business challenge by providing a fast search, booking and smart legal contracts with an innovation dashboard all in one place. So, you can focus on the magic. Together we break down the barriers between academics and the business world. Brightness has never been so accessible.

Namita Krul-Taneja

Meri Body

The Company
Despite increasing female education and a decreasing gender bias, certain topics remain taboo in India.
Periods, fertility, contraception, intercourse, pregnancy and more aren’t properly covered by structured education or parental guidance. This can lead to misunderstanding, misinformation and a reluctance to adopt healthy practices and attitudes. This negatively impacts the potential of young women in all aspects of their lives.
Meri Body (meaning “my body” in Hindi) uses mobile technology to enhance the knowledge. The app aims to empower and educate millions of (semi) illiterate young women (aged 15-25) on body literacy using simple videos, in a country where technology is increasingly becoming the most important way to access information.

Willemijn Waterbolk


The Company
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Want to know who walks away with the grand price of a €20.000 investment?
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