26th January 2018
26th January 2018


Bernadine Bröcker & Francesca Polo

Co-founders Vastari

We believe that to share art, knowledge and culture is to keep it alive.

Vastari aims to bring transparency and create industry standards to facilitate exhibition collaborations worldwide. We believe in unlocking access to content and knowledge to democratise exhibition curation and distribution. We strive to help museum build sustainable business models for exhibitions with a data driven approach.

Born from the desire to help the creative industry to be more efficient with their resources, Vastari is changing the way this sector connects and collaborates. We believe that to share culture and knowledge is to keep it alive and that everyone should be able to participate in this dialogue.

We chose the name Vastari in reference to Giorgio Vasari (1511 - 1574), who wrote about the masters of Fine Art, Sculpture and Architecture, connecting the world with their creations through his narrative. Roughly 500 years later, we found that a lot of those connections, particularly between private individuals and public institutions had been lost.

This is where our journey started in 2012 when we started using technology to bring these two sides closer, connecting curators and collectors to collaborate on exhibition loans. Since then we realised a lot could be done when it comes to creating meaningful connections: in 2014 we launched our travelling exhibitions network and we are constantly working on building new technology tools to facilitate every step of the exhibition making process.

Silla Scheepens