The Next Closet

26th January 2018

The Next Closet

Thalita van Ogtrop

Co-founder The Next Closet

Lieke Pijpers

Co-founder The Next Closet

The Next Closet is the sustainable marketplace for second-hand designer clothes.

Why ever buy new clothes when there is so much beautiful clothes already out there? The Next Closet makes unique designer clothes affordable and helps you to earn money from your wardrobe. Their mission is to make the second-hand clothing market mainstream. They do this by inspiring people to invest in quality and to recycle. Say NO to fast fashion and choose quality! Look gorgeous, earn serious money on your clothes and you help our mother earth by reducing pollution.

Entrepreneur duo Lieke Pijpers & Thalita of Ogtrop founded The Next Closet in 2013 with the mission to innovate the second hand clothing market. After oil, the textile chain is the most polluting chain in the world. Meanwhile a lot of beautiful and valuable clothes are just haning in people their closets. So they thought this needed to change!

With hardly any budget and only a team of four, they started to work from their anti-squat school building without any windows. By now The Next Closet has grown to become an enthusiastic, talented team of twelve, who work on a daily basis (from a 'real' office ;-) to make The Next Closet the largest sustainable marketplace for designer clothing in Europe.


Renee Witmer-Graadt van Roggen

Carissa Sorko

Aletta Stas-Bax