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26th January 2018
26th January 2018


Odette Bieckmann

Co-founder ITUniversity

IT University started in 2011 and offers IT training through e-learning. A student can take the course wherever he or she wants, provided he has internet. The IT-University solution is unique in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Almost all existing traditional classroom IT educators hardly innovate and stay 'stuck' in old business models. In order to maintain this unique position, IT-University became an exclusive reseller for the entire Europe of an American e-learning supplier. This content is an important part of our proposition. When other IT trainers in Europe want to sell this content, they have to take this from us. IT University now works with 5 such resellers.

There are 2 important 'pillars' within the IT-University business model; flexible costs and recurring business. Flexible costs by making costs as much as possible when there is guaranteed revenue. For example, 5 sales employees (external) work exclusively for IT University every day, which are fully paid on the basis of generated leads and realized sales. All customers pay in advance, so there are never problems with debtors. As of January 2016, 2 permanent employees in the Netherlands have been
placed in IT-University Personeel BV. All other required support is hired externally. Recurring business is new within the IT training market. IT-University is the only one in the market that sells a subscription called De Blauwe Draad. A student buys a fixed annual subscription to an IT training catalog and can then learn unlimited (click on the link below for demo movie). Currently there are 500 Blue Wire subscription users. This number is increasing. Recurring business means that it can be extended after a year. Experience shows that 50% do this. There is no tacit renewal. In addition to selling new and additional subscriptions to existing customers, there is a nice annual return from the renewals. However, the 50% renewal rate may be up. Students who do not renew do so because they have used the license too little (too busy). We have developed an action plan to stimulate use. In addition to a personal eCoach, the newly developed New Learning APP will play an important role in this. This APP should help the student to create a personal curriculum and encourage him / herself to keep to the planning. In addition, many other functionality that make learning fun (er).

Justine Takx