26th January 2018
26th January 2018


Hanneke Stegweg

Founder iLost

Not everything is replaceable. That is why an honest finder can make another person intensely grateful. Through iLost we connect these people around the world. That gives a good feeling.

Return 1 million lost items, or 1 million happy losers.

We live in a digital age in which information is connected. And yet there are boxes filled with found objects scattered around the world, while the owner does not know where to look and give up hope. The excel forms or local systems with which organizations handle their found objects process no longer fits this time.

We are changing that.
iLost has taken the lead worldwide in the digitization of the object service. By making it very easy for the finder, we help the loser. Did you know that 80% is found by organizations? We are specialized in lost & found solutions for hotels, municipalities, public transport, events, festivals, congress venues, stadiums. We connect finder and owner through our platform. The worldwide return of found items is also our core task.

50,000 objects have been returned to their owner thanks to iLost to 56 countries. Still 950,000 to go.

Dream Big. Work Hard. Have Fun.

No one has quit his job to return lost bunches to the owner. Nobody was ahead of us, so we are on unexplored paths. That means daring to take risks and assess risks. We love people who dare to depart from the beaten track, are curious and together want to take advantage of new opportunities.

Noëlle Haitsma