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26th January 2018
26th January 2018


Karin Jakobsen & Annemieke Beijerinck

Co-founders BrightPensioen

As self-employers we looked for opportunities to build up our pension. Because we did not find the existing providers attractive enough, we decided to start a pension company ourselves. One that becomes the property of the participants so that the interests of the participants remain guaranteed.

BrightPensioen offers flexible pensions accrual for freelancers, DGAs and other people who want to arrange their own pension. BrightPensioen is the only provider that earns no money from the pension assets of the participants, but from an annual membership. This leaves more money for the participant. Participants are co-owners through a participant cooperative. As a result, they have control and share in the profits. The assets of the participants are invested at cost price in a 100% sustainable life cycle fund.
BrightPensioen offers pension accrual at cost price. We want to become the best and most sustainable pension provider in the Netherlands. In addition, we want to make the
Netherlands more pension-minded and we are going to reform the Dutch pension system into a fairer, more flexible and sustainable system.

Your pension is a working condition. That is why - to a certain extent - you should be able to determine for yourself how much pension you accrue, with whom you do this and when you retire. Every Dutch person should therefore - in addition to a bank account - have an individual pension account. Your salary is credited to the bank account and the pension contribution to your pension account.

BrightPensioen wants to grow so that the rates go down further. That is why it is important that as many people as possible participate. In addition, we want to expand our services so that we can also provide the benefit phase and offer a solution for disability.

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