Bellamy Gallery

Charly Cares
22nd March 2018
Bar Bistro
26th January 2018

Bellamy Gallery

Mireille van der Sprong & Imke Bens

Co-founders Bellamy Gallery

Bellamy Gallery does things a bit different. Sets other priorities. Makes beautiful basic items that can be easily combined with the rest of your wardrobe. Everything is of high quality and has a certain degree of timelessness. Feel-good items that you know are good and that do well. Do not buy more, buy better is our motto. And with our key-pieces you can go anywhere!
Great design, a timeless contemporary look, an exquisitely made product and for a fair price (very Dutch, less is not really possible, but not a penny too much) in a way that also keeps our house - the planet - as a friend? We have figured it out; we do not want to let people down, but let them improve. We do not want to retail, but rather wetail. We do not want to be fashion-has-been and rake a maximum amount of money, but we want to give everyone the best possible option. That is why we are completely open about costs, margins and who earns what.

Jeanine Holscher