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22nd June 2016
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29th June 2016

“Think for a moment, about the chaos we go through every time the world experiences a disease outbreak. The pressure and panic is greater when this happens in emerging or developing countries. Have you ever wondered why?

These countries count the world’s largest population, but have the least medical resources in the world, least Human Resource, poor infrastructure and material resources. We are talking about an average ratio of 2 health professionals: 10000 health seekers in some parts against the WHO standard of 2.3 health professionals: 10000 health seekers

This is where MEDx Care chips in, we elaborated world class processes to overcome infrastructural barriers while optimizing medical standards in sustainable ways.

These processes make it possible to organize health systems such that we can have public health insights at cross regional level, study trends and act proactively both at national and international.

Through these processes, we can address key topics weakening these healthcare systems, including a sustainable care financing. Our model could inject over 19 Billions in these health systems in the next 5 to 10 years, enabling us to achieve our objective of boosting the national GDP of healthcare in these countries in a sustainable way.


I am Patricia Monthe, Founder&CEO @MEDx.Care, the first digital hospital of its kind. Join Us and Let’s make the world a better Place

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