Leveraging Microsites to Convert Social Traffic More Often

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7th November 2017
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You know the basics of social media marketing campaigns and how they can ultimately benefit your brand. But how can you take them a step further so that they effectively engage the consumer and make conversions for your bottom line?

Do more than the generic social media marketing campaign that lives on one social network and that gets the attention of a few but skimmed over by most. Give your campaign more exposure and more chances to connect with your target market so that it can effectively build up your brand and get conversions for your business.

How you can do more with your campaign

Create a microsite
Building out a mini-site on a targeted domain name separate from that of your brand’s primary website will enable you to reach a very targeted audience. A microsite serves a purpose similar to that of a blog or newsletter (hosting content to engage the consumer and build up the identity of your brand in their minds), but does even more since it lives on its own domain name.

With a campaign-specific microsite, your brand has the opportunity to heavily support the marketing campaign currently being run by the business. The microsite acts as a landing page for the campaign and its marketing efforts. Use it to further engage your audience with video content and other chances to really interact. It should be a strong visual tool that connects with the consumer, informs them of the campaign and a way that interests them and gives value, as well as tying back to your brand and what it is all about.

Make it multi-channel
Rather than simply running a campaign from one of your brand’s social media accounts, make it multi-network. Once you have developed the campaign and its content and put in all the initial hard work, give it its best chance at success by letting it live and play out on multiple social platforms.

Share content on other platforms
In addition to having your campaign span more than one social media account, your social media campaign can also be aided by being supported by other non-social media online or even offline channels. For example, even the most well-developed and executed social media campaign can get a boost from being shared on your brand’s website. This allows your social media followers another opportunity to see the campaign and be reminded of it, while also allowing less active social media users to see your campaign and be directed to it who otherwise may have never known it existed. Promoting your social media campaign on other web channels overall helps it to gain exposure and to make conversions for your brand. As for offline, you can even share print designs if your audience will benefit from it.

Optimize ads for search engines and target audience
The ads your brand runs as part of its social media campaign should be ones that were created specifically with their viewers/who they are trying to reach in mind. Make them optimized for the search engine searches relevant to your brand and for the wants and needs of your brand’s target market.

Create content in whichever format or formats your audience prefers. Make it relevant to them and your brand, as well as something that provides value to them. Show that your company has them in mind and knows that they expect to see. After each post in your social media campaign, include social share buttons in order to call more people to the action of passing your content along for others to see.

Also utilize the proper keywords and phrases in the content of your campaign in order to position yourself well within SERPs. Plus, the higher your search engine rankings, the more people who will see your brand and its campaign and the more people who will go on to share your content and generally engage with your social media campaign.

You’re getting conversions by…

Engaging consumers
The content of your brand’s social media marketing campaign must engage your audience. Otherwise, what’s the point? It needs to draw the consumer in and have them watching/listening/reading/remembering what it is that you have to communicate to them.

Create content that is visually attractive and that is interesting. Make it hook those who come into contact with it, then make them remember it and want to share it with others. By doing so, your content leads to conversions, then by being shared leads to even more conversions.

Providing something of value
Learn what your target market wants to get out of your brand, then give it to them with the content of your social media marketing campaign. If your campaign does not give them anything of value, it will be of no interest to them.

Demonstrate how your brand can contribute something positive to the life of your audience members. By showing how your product or service can benefit them through the content of your social media marketing campaign, you make your brand more relatable to them and show them how you can be of value.

Building brand identity and recognition
In creating a social media campaign that publishes content consistently relevant to your brand, you further develop brand identity and people’s ability to recognize and remember you. Making your campaign visible from multiple places online and optimized for search engines and your audience gives it the opportunity to significantly bolster your brand identity and the level at which the public recognizes it.

Track overall performance and success rates
The whole purpose of a social media marketing campaign is to gain exposure for your brand and to have it get you conversions, right? You need to know whether the social media campaign that you run is doing this effectively and what its rate of success is. Track your campaign!

Use social analytics and online tracking tools to gauge how well your brand’s campaign is performing, gathering information and detailed metrics on things such as how many views your content is receiving, from where on the Web users are accessing your content, how long people are spending engaging with your content, etc. Know how effective your marketing efforts are in order to see what to do in future campaigns or what to make edits to if necessary.

Allow the social media marketing campaigns that you develop for your brand live up to their full potential. Give them various places on the Web to be seen and interacted with, as well as high-quality content that thoroughly engages the members of your target market. Showcase your brand identity and get it the conversions that you want and need to succeed.