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17th June 2016
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20th June 2016

Adopting the bold slogan #plantabetterfuture, Moda Aesthetics takes on a symbolic initiative to encourage action in teamwork as a counter to the sustainability issues faced in the 21st century. In the days encapsulating the international day of the Earth, the young fashion apparel company plans to spread its message through a fruit trees gift away in the heart of Amsterdam.

Anamica Mahabiersingh, CEO & founder of Moda Aesthetics, reveals that this campaign is a direct response to the inspirational and heart-warming collectivism in the orientation towards sustainability she has observed in both the industrial and societal environments. Although proud of the achieved progress, she still sees a long road ahead before victory can be claimed for the sustainability movement.

“Let’s face the facts, the discussion about our environmental challenges, ideas and possible solutions has and continues to reach and touch on an emotional level new groups of audiences at increasing rates.” – says Anamica – “However we still see a lack of balance in words and action, which is hindering when there is so much to achieve in such little time. With our small scale campaign my partners and I aim to extend our influence further than simply raising awareness about the environmental issues. It is not a new discussion we want to engage in with well-known concepts – our goal is to encourage the actions which would lead to the physical accomplishment of the corresponding environmental beliefs.”

Starting April 21st representatives of Moda Aesthetics will give away fruit trees in the centre of Amsterdam. The gifts are reported to hold no monetary value and the receivers are not expected to hold on to them. As she explains, in reality the company gifts a first step, a chance to act together in the accomplishment of a common sustainability goal, which is symbolised in this campaign through the planting of the gifted trees in forest areas. Using the hashtag #plantabetterfuture the participants can track the tree growing progress of everyone involved, and share the empowering feeling of individual contributions in teamwork.

“Ultimately our campaign is not about the environmental awareness alone, it goes further into every aspect in a human life. It is about learning to act and gaining the confidence to back up beliefs with both actions and words in order to become the better individuals we envision ourselves to be, to live in the nurturing society we dream of, and to leave better opportunities and values to the following generations. Today it starts with the planting of a tree, tomorrow continues with eco-friendly choices in lifestyle and business, and finally this experience is constructively applied in new areas.”

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