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We know that as an entrepreneur you start out small.
You begin your company with a small team, maybe even no team, only you. But you can’t do it all on your own. You need to be able to work on your company and not only in it. Focus is key! But we all know that focus is hard to keep when there’s so much going on.

That’s why TheNextWomen is starting a new program for her members: The Founder’s Focus Group.
In peer to peer groups we connect our members together for monthly meetups where you will get feedback and advice on your current challenges. Your own support tribe. By bringing your struggles and challenges to a group of likeminded female founders you will be able to make a next step. And get that much needed support.

Interested? We start new groups every quarter, next one's: September 2019.

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Why a Founders' Focus Group?
Entrepreneurship is really great, but it can also be a little lonely. Who knows better what you’re going through than another founder? Learn from your peers and exhange experiences.
What is it?
A group is made up out of 5-7 female entrepreneurs that meet on a monthly basis (virtual or offline) to discuss their obstacles and their goals.
How does it work?
A group can meet in person or virtual. TheNextWomen helps you with facilitating the first group session. We will make sure to check in after every meetup to see if our network can help you in anyway. Four times a year an expert can join the meetup for some additional advice.
Why join?
As an entrepreneur it’s important to set goals, but when no one is holding you accountable, but yourself, you might end up working only in your company and not on your company.
Would it be something for me?
Are you ready to grow your business? Are you a founder, CEO or president of an independently owned company? Yes? What are you waiting for! Join now!
Monthly meetups - both on- and offline

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"Compliments on our part how you had classified the companies. Really equal companies are matched together, this is something we have not been able to find in any women's network. And that was something we were looking for."
"Amazing women. Very inspiring two hours. Can't wait for the next meetup!"

Founders' Focus Group | 1
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Anne de Jongh


Wendela de Goederen

Boxer in Blue

Els van der Helm


Elvire Jaspers

We Are Brain

Founders' Focus Group | 2
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Maru Lizaragga


Beth Massa


Conchita Daniel

Be Mocktails

Merel van der Ham


Founders' Focus Group | 3
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Nadja Muller-den Blijker


Adda van Zanden

Business Coaching | Adda van Zanden

Francisca Kapar


Akkie Bosje

Designer | Akkie Bosje

Angelique Slob

Hello Monday

Founders' Focus Group | 4
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Founders' Focus Group | 5
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Elke Coolen

DeeDee Plastics

Inge Louwers

DeeDee Platics

Tosca Gort

GORT Coaching

Suzanne Haeck


Esther Goos


Founders' Focus Group | 6
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Daphne Gerritse

RAIN Couture

Tanja Lindeboom

The Giftmakers

Laura Notten

The Giftmakers

Mascha Mooy

Bye Bye Burnout

Claudia van den Berg

I Am Reservations

Founders' Focus Group | 7
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Charlotte van der Lande


Mina Kim

The Table for Kimchi

Rosalie van Gelder


jara pascual


Melanie Linehan


Founders' Focus Group | 8
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Kirsty Sharman


Martine Groenewegen

De Klik

Bianca Boelema

Creativ Capital

Elena Nilga


Galit Bauer

Holiday Sitters

Founders' Focus Group | 9
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Petra Iuliano

Network of Purpose

Marga Teulings

MTP Accountants & Adviseurs

Vesna Radovanovic

4D Ondernemen

Lisette Tol

Lisette Tol Business Coaching

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