#FounderFriday: Thalita van Ogtrop

#FounderFriday: Lenneke van Ingen
22nd February 2019
#FounderFriday: Caroline van Velze
7th March 2019

Meet co-founder of fashion re-sell company The Next Closet and inspiring member of TheNextWomen: Thalita van Ogtrop. As an introduction to the new Club Card deal, you might want to know the brains behind the company. A few months ago, Thalita was one of the female founders that was featured in our podcast series “Female Founders, Money Raised”. You can find the podcast here.

Could you please introduce yourself and your company?

The Next Closet is a fashion re-sell marketplace that inspires people to resell what they no longer wear. Helping them to give designer brands a second life and invest in quality.

In 2013 Lieke Pijpers and I founded The Next Closet because we felt the need to change the textile industry and make it smarter, circular! Don’t buy cheap fast-fashion brands that won’t last but invest in qualitative garments that do. And when you no longer wear these items please don’t leave them in your wardrobe for years or discard it. Instead, give them a second life.

The Next Closet focuses, for now, only on women as this is the largest group for second hand fashion. They are the biggest player in the designer resell space in the Benelux and sell throughout the whole of Europe.

What milestones have you reached/lessons have you learnt in 2018?

We grew our business with 120%, expanded to Belgium and empowered our team and hired amazing talent. The most important lesson for me is to invest in my team and hire the right people.

What do you hope to achieve in 2019?

That’s simple: growing with 100% for another year.

In what way(s) did TheNextWomen support you to grow your business?

They helped us with funding advice and connected us to one of our angel investors. The Next Women has an amazing network of bright and like-minded women.

What’s your best advice for other members? 

Invest in your team. People are you key-assets that really can make your business thrive.