#FounderFriday: Tanja Lindeboom & Laura Notten

Female Angels | Money Raised | Ep. 4
14th March 2019
Female Angels | Money Raised | Ep. 5
2nd April 2019

It’s #FounderFriday and today we’re in the company of our members and founders of The Giftmakers: Tanja Lindeboom & Laura Notten. The Giftmakers helps companies, brands and people to connect by means of impactful corporate gifts. “We believe we can connect people and brands and create valuable relationships through carefully selected and packed gifts.” Curious? Read the full interview below.

Could you please introduce yourself and your company?

We are Tanja Lindeboom and Laura Notten. Longtime friends and business partners. After freelancing for years at both corporates and start-ups and sharing the same view on doing business we decided to use what we learned for our own cause and and started the Giftmakers in 2014.

We believe we can connect people and brands and create valuable relationships through carefully selected and packed gifts. Our goal is to re-define the corporate gifting market and lead the category with a different approach.  In a market which is full of parties offering endless catalogues and boring branded gifts which end up in the rubbish, we offer a more sustainable and impactful way of giving. 

Together with our clients we define their needs and create modern and stylish gifts which make an impression. Paying attention to every detail and making sure the gift is a perfect fit.

The strength of the company today is both in this creative process as in our production capacity and backend. Our warehouse where a dedicated team of Giftmakers, wrap, pack and ship our gifts allows us to be flexible and create outstanding gift sets on a large scale and service our clients on every level. From creation to packing, shipping and logistics we cover the whole process. We even offer online gifting portals to our larger clients to create a seamless and easy experience. 

Most important is that we enjoy what we do every day and we have fun along the way. We strive to create valuable relationships with both our clients and our suppliers too, so that everyone can benefit.

What milestones have you reached/lessons have you learnt in 2018?

We reached our one million turn over goal last year, which was a huge milestone for us. This was also the first year to be profitable. Giving us a solid foundation to grow and the confidence we are on the right track. We updated our website and made the first steps towards an online strategy, which resulted in a considerable increase in our inbound sales. It is amazing and exciting to see our vision is reaching a wider audience and clients are reaching out to us to help them to find the perfect gift. We are incredibly proud to see the market is really ready for a change and willing to change to a more sustainable and more impactful way of giving. It motivates us to continue to grow and offer even better products and services. We also started making our first consumer giftsets. Carefully curated gift boxes which represent a certain style and combine products within a theme.

What do you hope to achieve in 2019?

This year our focus is on getting the company ready to scale. Optimize and increasing the team and structure the process as efficient as possible. Creating more time for strategy, PR and setting the base to create a brand. We will start with an online store this year offering a limited number of giftsets with carefully selected products, all with our signature packaging and details. We still believe we can add the most value with a custom gifting strategy for our clients to make sure all gifts fit together and create a seamless brand story, but with 5 years of experience we are now confident we can offer a selection of gifts for several occasions which work well. This way we offer an easy solution to clients to test and experience our way of giving.

In what way(s) did TheNextWomen support you to grow your business?

Joining TheNextWomen showed us that there is an amazing group of likeminded women, who are eager to learn from each other and share their experience and knowledge. Sometimes as a female entrepreneur you have the feeling you are the only one and we strongly felt we had to deal with all the challenges ourselves, but

If you open up and look for women with the same mindset this can be empowering. We attend a focus founder group and we will participate in the Closing the Gap program this year.

What’s your best advice for other members?

Don’t beat yourself up for not reaching goals and milestones you created yourself. Open your eyes and see what you have reached so far. Every step is meaningful and a learning. Be proud from the first moment you where brave enough to take the step to be an entrepreneur.  Don’t be arrogant, be humble.

Besides that: ask for help! Teamwork should not stop at the boundaries of one organization. If we start trusting each other and do business with an open mind and with partnership in mind we cannot go wrong and we all benefit. Be nice, celebrate success and focus, focus, focus.