#FounderFriday: Lenneke van Ingen

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20th February 2019
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28th February 2019

Today’s #FounderFriday will focus on the story of Lenneke van Ingen, founder of casting agency A Million Faces and one of the successful female entrepreneurs that was featured in TheNextWomen100 list in 2018.

Could you please introduce yourself and your company?

I am the owner of several company’s. 11 years ago I started my first company A Million Faces. A Million Faces is a casting and talent agency based in Amsterdam. We represent television presenters, influencers, Youtubers and other young talent in the Netherlands. We work together to grow their fame and ensure they remain relevant and have a long term carrier in the Dutch entertainment and media industry.

I love starting new companies. I am a partner in a lot of different businesses. To name a few, Bluebirds yoga, Pizzeria Faam, Chateau Amsterdam; where we grow and produce our own wine in North Amsterdam, Oscar & Jane clothing, Brainboost; homework support, Rock Your World; a self care brand. We own YouTube channels with subjects ranging from horses and animals to children’s entertainment. For example we created Dudo, a real life puppet who teaches kids how to draw and craft.

A lot of the companies have come about from collaborations with myself and the talent of A Million Faces. They are the faces of the brands that we build together.

What milestones have you reached/lessons have you learnt in 2018?

I have learned that after 10 years of hard work it is now time to also put more focus on and invest in my private life. I am still ambitious, but I will not put my work before my own life anymore.

What do you hope to achieve in 2019?

My latest project is a new company that matches parents and nanny’s. It will carry the name Lulu’s Nanny Network, a new solution for parents who have jobs that acquire flexibility that you cannot get in regular daycare. 2019 will be all about making this into a success.

I am also opening a second new Bluebirds Yoga studio in Amsterdam West. Bluebirds is all about making sure that people take more time for themselves, mindfulness is key.

In what way(s) did TheNextWomen support you to grow your business?

I find it very important that women are seen as entrepreneurs. Therefore,  I am so very proud to be featured on TheNextWomen100 2018 list and for everything else TheNextWomen is doing to support female entrepreneurs. 

What’s your best advice for other members? (As -starting- female entrepreneurs)

Just start! Don’t hold back or be afraid. Make sure you do think everything over, but also: just do it! Once you have achieved your goals, do not forget to meditate and invest in yourself as well. It will definitely contribute to your own success.