#FounderFriday: Ingrid Valks

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24th April 2019
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1st May 2019

Today we’re sharing the story of member and entrepreneur Ingrid Valks with you. With the power of time off Ingrid guides people and organizations to bridge the gap between 21st century challenges and the importance of developing new human-skills. In the upcoming weeks Ingrid will share her wisdom on this topic with you as a guest editor on our website – stay tuned!

Could you please introduce yourself and your company?

After 20 years as an entrepreneur and director in communication, connecting people with brands and organizations, I now connect people with themselves and with their communities. In your role of leader and/or entrepreneur you are more successful if you are a HUMAN at work. I bridge the gap between personal and professional challenges of the 21st century and the importance of developing new human-skills such as reacting mindful to life situations, having compassion with yourself and others and the ability to create connections.

What milestones have you reached in 2018?

To be the leader of my personal and professional life I have always taken time off regularly. Ten minutes every day, one hour every  week, one week every year and a one-year-sabbatical about every seven years. In 2018 I finished my latest sabbatical and embarked on a new adventure with thepoweroftimeoff.com. I facilitated some impactful retreats in nature for entrepreneurs and I did contract a super nice assignment to guide the 15 international researchers from Organovir to coach them on their path of personal growth.

What do you hope to achieve in 2019?

I want to grow the community of entrepreneurs, athletes and high performers who participate in my leadership retreats, vitality 2.0 workshops and in my personal development program. I highly want to engage both men and women. I experience once men are aware they see, book and go. Women find it difficult to go offline for several days or even one week, just for themselves to revitalize. So, I can say I would love to host a five days retreat in the nature especially for the ambitious TheNextWomen entrepreneurs, first week of November this year.

In what way did TheNextWomen support you to grow your business?

I had the privilege to host a vitality workshop during the first TheNextWomen new year event in January. From that workshop one of the workshop attendees contacted me and she did participate in a private seven hours silence experience, that took place yesterday. One of the partners in her company also booked this workshop. Being a member for only a couple of months I can already say that apart from the inspiration that TNW provides they did already contribute to my objective to grow the community of the power of time off.

What is your best advice for other members?

Take time off regularly. To take control of your life; your personal life, your private life, your professional life and  your public life. Do not just book another holiday but use this time for reflection. You do not learn form an experience itself. You learn from the reflection. After work not only high impact sports. Participate in activities that are relaxing and revitalizing such as yoga, meditation, walk in the nature, alone. This way you withdraw from your senses and you can reconnect with yourself. It helps to live and work healthy, happy and effectively.


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