#FounderFriday: Graciëlla van Hamersveld

#FounderFriday: Graciëlla van Hamersveld
15th February 2019
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20th February 2019

Meet Co-Founder of Closure and inspiring member of TheNextWomen: Graciëlla van Hamersveld. With the platform Closure, Graciëlla van Hamersveld and Chantal van der Velde would like to take away the pain of the completion of the legacy of our loved ones. In this edition of #FounderFriday we would like to share the wisdom of Graciëlla van Hamersveld.

Could you please introduce yourself and your company?

My name is Graciëlla van Hamersveld and together with Chantal van der Velde I founded Closure. At Closure we finalize contracts, accounts and subscriptions after someone has passed away, covering bank accounts, insurances, gas, electricity, telecom, sport clubs, newspapers, charity, social media and so on. This way, we unburden both relatives and organizations offering those contracts, accounts and subscriptions by bridging between them. Relatives don’t have to deal with the pain of having to inform each company one-by-one anymore (they just have to notify us) and organizations save costs as we reduce the amount of customer contact.

What milestones have you reached/lessons have you learnt in 2018?

In the beginning of 2018 we won the Philips Innovation Award. Shortly after, we partnered up with relevant parties, of which two large ones, namely KPN and Ardanta (the largest funeral insurer of the Netherlands), offering our service to their customers. The number of relatives using our service significantly increased and towards the end of the year we closed an investment round raising 300k and got to pitch on the stage of TEDx Amsterdam Women.

What do you hope to achieve in 2019?

We are currently negotiating partnerships with a lot of organizations. My goal is to close many of those partnerships in 2019 and reach out to new organizations. We are building a network that benefits not only all participating parties, but especially those people in grief that just lost a loved one. Hence, the sooner organizations join our network, the sooner we start reaching more relatives.

In what way(s) did TheNextWomen support you to grow your business?

The most valuable way TheNextWomen supported the growth of Closure is by opening up her great network to me. I have been introduced to several parties that are high potential partners for Closure and now belong to those organizations we are currently negotiating partnerships with.

What’s your best advice for other members?

Think big. Being ambitious also entails not wanting to do everything yourself. If you want to grow, you are probably going to need other people, raise investment, etc. Don’t be afraid to be dependent on other people. Instead, surround yourself with great people in order to save yourself some time to do other great stuff and work on those big dreams you have.