#FounderFriday: Daphne Gerritse

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6th February 2019
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8th February 2019

In today’s edition of #FounderFriday we will unravel all of Daphne Gerritse’s business secrets. Daphne, founder of fashion brand Rain Couture Amsterdam and one of our dear members, founded her company – while studying – in 2004. Recently, she opened her second store in the centre of Amsterdam. Tempted to buy one of Rain Couture’s fashionable (rain) coats after reading Daphne’s story? You’re in luck! TNW members receive a 15% discount online and at the brand new Rain Couture store at Utrechtsestraat 106 on display of the TNW clubcard. The details of the promotion can be found here.

Can you introduce yourself and your company?

I’m Daphne, founder of Rain Couture. I got the idea of starting Rain Couture a very long time ago, in 2004, when I was studying in Bergen, Norway to finish my masters in Marketing. I figured there was no such thing as a fashionable raincoat, and I really wondered why nobody did something about it. After I graduated, I started working for Mexx, and while I was biking to work, I thought the idea through further. I realized that it should not just be a fashionable raincoat, but a multi-functional all-weather concept, which can be worn every single day in each climate and season! So in 2011 I started executing this idea (yes I came from far ;-)). In 2013 the first collection was a fact!

What milestones have you reached/lessons have you learnt in 2018?

This year I opened my second Flagship Store in Utrechtsestraat, which I’m very proud of. The biggest lesson I have learned is to be comfortable with uncertainty. When you start a business, nothing is sure. You never know what is going to cross your path, how things will move forward, which setback you’ll have to incur and how long certain things will take. Accept the fact that you can’t influence everything, be patient and don’t feel resistance about the fact that you don’t always know what’s going to happen and how fast. Because to me, resistance doesn’t have a positive influence on my ‘flow’, and consequently on my work efficiency.

What do you hope to achieve in 2019?

I hope to find a great franchise partner, to open a third shop. Secondly, I hope to partner up and co-design a capsule collection with another well known label.

In what way(s) did TheNextWomen support you to grow your business?

What I love is the wide big network of female entrepreneurs of all levels. It’s great that other people, who are more experienced than you, are willing to help out. What I also really like is the coaching hours; to be able to talk to several experts in several fields who are willing to advice you with their expertise.

What’s your best advice for other members?

Invest in yourself. Follow courses on mindset as well as educational ones. Your business is a reflection of you. When you are feeling in sync, positive and your battery is charged, you’re going to see that back in your business. When I first started, I thought it was only about working like an idiot, as much as I can, to be able to achieve my goals. I did not go much to network events (because of a lack of time), nor did I invest in courses. That was a stupid thing to do. Now I know better. Knowledge and networking is everything!