Female Founders | Money Raised | Ep. 7

Female Founders | Money Raised | Ep. 6
22nd November 2018
How to: 7 tips for the networking-shy
11th December 2018

Podcast Mireille van der Sprong | Bellamy Gallery | Episode 7 | Dec. 6 2018 | 15.50 minutes

In this series we talk with 9 of our amazing members. These female founders talk about the good & bad of founding & funding their own company.
In this second to last episode of 2018, episode 7, we spoke with Mireille van der Sprong, one of the co-founders of Bellamy Gallery; a fully transparent, high-quality fashion label. When buying an item from Bellamy Gallery, you know exactly how the costs of your sweater / pants / shirt is build up.

So you know the complete value chain of your garment.

One of the portfolio companies of TheNextWomen Fund and ready to take over the world. Listen now!