Female Founders | Money Raised | Ep. 3

When women invest in women, amazing things happen
11th October 2018
Female Founders | Money Raised | Ep. 4
25th October 2018

Podcast Sophie van Dijk | Gum.Care | Episode 3 | Oct. 11 2018 | 27.17 minutes

In this series we talk with 9 of our amazing members. These female founders talk about the good & bad of founding & funding their own company.
In this third episode we talk to Sophie van Dijk, co-founder of Gum.Care; a non-invasive solution to clean your gums.

Finally a solution to that excruciating painful trip to the dentist.

Gum.Care received an investment from a medical orientated VC and is ready to launch their product in early 2019. How did they do it? And what does the future hold for them? Find out now!