Female Founders | Money Raised | Ep. 2

Expert interview: 13 questions on Funding & Pitching (part 1)
7th September 2018
When women invest in women, amazing things happen
11th October 2018

Podcast Mariah Mansvelt | Yoni | Episode 2 | Sep. 20 2018 | 27.17 minutes

In this series we talk with 9 of our amazing members. These female founders talk about the good & bad of founding & funding their own company.
In this second episode we sat down with Mariah Mansvelt Back, co-founder of Yoni; the organic cotton tampon that you need in your life. For a product that we use nearly every month, we know very little about it. Even though we’re using it in our most sensitive and private areas.

Yoni has just secured a new round of founding, how they got their investors and what their plans for the future are, Mansvelt shares with us in this podcast.