Female Founders | Money Raised | Ep. 1

Beth Massa
Beth Massa – I want to be part of the solution
30th August 2018
Expert interview: 13 questions on Funding & Pitching (part 1)
7th September 2018

Podcast Eline Leijten | Plugify | Episode 1 | Sep. 6 2018 | 16.30 minutes

In this series we talk with 9 of our amazing members. These female founders talk about the good & bad of founding & funding their own company.
In this first episode we sat down with Eline Leijten, founder of the online booking platform Plugify. The place to find musicians for all occasions, whether it’s a surprise party, wedding or livingroom concert, Plugify has the perfect artist for you to book.

Leijten came up with the idea during her college years, when she was an artist herself, singing in a great band.

How Plugify has evolved over the past three years, she shares with us in this podcast. And of course, the benefit she had from winning TheNextWomen Pitch Competition in 2016!