Female Angels | Money Raised | Ep. 5

#FounderFriday: Tanja Lindeboom & Laura Notten
21st March 2019
#WednesdayWisdom: Rozemarijn Dols
9th April 2019

Podcast Jolanda Degen | Otravo & WTC | Episode 5 | Apr. 2 2019 | 11.17 minutes

In this series we talk with 8 of our amazing members: These female angels talk about their investments. What makes them invest in a company? What makes them invest in women? How did they start as an investor?

In episode 5, it’s time to sit down with Jolanda Degen. Entrepreneur turned investor and (co-)founder of successful travel agencies: Otravo & World Ticket Center.

That and more in this brand new episode!