Female Angels | Money Raised | Ep. 4

#WednesdayWisdom: Lucy McCarraher
12th March 2019
#FounderFriday: Tanja Lindeboom & Laura Notten
21st March 2019

Podcast Sacha Engels | Engels Holding BV | Episode 4 | Feb. 15 2019 | 19.24 minutes

In this series we talk with 8 of our amazing members: These female angels talk about their investments. What makes them invest in a company? What makes them invest in women? How did they start as an investor?

In episode 4, it’s time to sit down with Sacha Engels. Exit entrepreneur, angel investor and head of the investment committee of TheNextWomen Crowd Fund

Sacha quickly decided that she would only invest her time, money and knowledge in female founders. But what makes her invest?

That and more in this brand new episode!