Female Angels | Money Raised | Ep. 2

Article: How to get your pitch stick
17th January 2019
Female Angels | Money Raised | Ep. 3
1st February 2019

Podcast Noëlle Haitsma | Nanouk Holding | Episode 2 | Jan. 17 2019 | 21.44 minutes

In this series we talk with 8 of our amazing members. These female angels talk about their investments. What makes them invest in a company? What makes them invest in women? How did they start as an investor?

In the second episode, we talked to Noëlle Haitsma, founder of Uk, a daycare center, CEO of Cinemien, shareholder at Ticketing Group and investor.

Noëlle made build as successful company with Uk and when she was approached with a sales offer, she thought “Why not?”. After that she shifted her focus to the cultural sector, and specifically to cinema. With Cinemien she challenges the level of movies we go and see by offering a more diverse and high-level quality range.

As one of the angels in TheNextWomen Crowd Fund she invests in female founders, but is now also actively involved at Ticketing Group. Raising funds as one of their major shareholders.

That and more in this brand new episode!