Want to start investing? Interested to learn more? Don't know where to start? Or how?
Join TheNextWomen Crowd Fund (TNWCF) is this one-of-kind meetup during the Amsterdam Capital Week.
On Thursday, September 27, TNWCF meets for their six month assembly to go over their portfolio companies.
They will discuss the current status, (financial) needs and how the fund can help them.

Because this meeting is taking place in the middle of Capital Week, we want to invite potential (female) angel investors to join the meeting.
We will start the afternoon with a 60-minute masterclass by the founder of TheNextWomen and the manager of TNWCF, Simone Brummelhuis.

She will discuss how you can become an angel investor, how you build your portfolio and important do's & dont's.
Afterwards you can join the fund during their meeting. A truely unique experience, since these meetings are usually investor-only.

If there was ever a time to examine if you want to become an investor, it's now!
How many female entrepreneurs do you have in your portfolio and do you want to see more deal flow from women-led companies? Statistics show that only 4% of investments go to women-led companies, so TheNextWomen is on a mission to change these numbers. We've made 26 investments so far into women-led companies. Companies that are having a positive impact on health, sustainability and connectivity.

TheNextWomen Crowd Fund is an opportunity for accredited and non-accredited investors to diversify and/or start their portfolio and invest in one of the most promising emerging markets of the future; female founders.

> On average venture-backed women-led companies have annual revenues 12% higher than their male-led peers, using 1/3rd less capital.
> Women-founded companies have lower failure rates.
> Gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers.
> Diverse teams are more innovative and generate higher quality ideas.
Founded in 2014, the fund is an a-typical crowd fund. Where the crowd are actually the investors, starting with 40 angels there are currently 75 female business angels investing through TheNextWomen Crowd Fund.
The minimum investment is €10,000 although investors are welcome to invest a larger amount.
Through our member-based community we actively match investors to potential opportunities.
Investments are made into companies that meet one of the three following criteria:

> A company wins the annual TheNextWomen Pitch Competition
> A company is raising funding through an (by TheNextWomen) accredited crowdfunding platform
> One of the business angels is a lead-investor in the company

TheNextWomen Crowd Fund is always a co-investor when it comes to criteria 2 & 3.


September 27
Location: TNW Office
Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 296
1012 PH Amsterdam

13:30 Walk-in
14:00 Masterclass The importance of investing in diverse teams | How to become an angel?
15:00 Start Meeting TNWCF
18:00 Networking & Drinks - Open to Female Founders