Suze Linders

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Suze Linders
Branche: Healthcare
Company Name: Linders Management BV
Availability: Available for long-term trajectory in coaching/advisory. As a member of your Advisory Board, co-founder, or as a strategic business advisor. Payment for consultation in shares is an option.
Over the past 12 years I’ve worked on assignments in change, innovation and organizational development for different types of healthcare institutions, often as a member of the Board of Directors. This makes me highly experienced in developing and implementing new services and products within the public healthcare industry.
What holds the future
My ambition is to cooperate with small, ambitious teams, adding my knowledge, network, experience and a strong work ethic, to help them accomplish their missions and dreams. Mainly because such teams give me energy and pleasure in work, which I give back to the team. But also because I am convinced that smart innovations can make a difference for patients. Implementing such innovations in the healthcare industry isn’t easy, however, but based on my experiences in the industry, I can make a valuable contribution to your team in making it happen.
Tips & Tricks
• Just do it… Stick to your long-term vision and add a bit of value to your business every day!
• Dare to fail.
• Build a diverse team; it enhances the chance of success.
• Keep your eyes and ears open for the little opportunities that come along… they will bring you a lot closer to your goals.
My strengths
I am a commercial thinker, cost-conscious and focused on possibilities, not limitations. I am good in operationalizing a complex mission. I have a hands-on mentality focused on results. I like to motivate, coach and help individuals/teams to use their talents effectively in order to accomplish their goals.