Sterre Witteveen

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Sterre Witteveen
Branche: Funding & Finance
Company Name: Holland Venture
Availability: a cup of coffee
After finishing a master's degree in Neuroscience, I conducted research in various laboratories and worked at a London-based neuromarketing company. Even though it is incredibly exciting to be working on cutting edge brain research, I wanted to be closer to the commercial market, translating research into products or services that actually reach people and patients.

I gained financial and commercial analysis skills during my two internships at Gilde Buy-Out Partners and Mentha Capital. In my current position at Holland Venture, I am balancing my research background with the financial skills to help healthcare & technology companies grow.

I am always interested in meeting new entrepreneurs, love hearing their stories and enjoy brainstorming on strategic growth topics.
Tips & Tricks
Build a complementary team, since your team is just as important as the products/services you're selling.

For any strategic decision, check how this will impact (1) your cashflows, (2) your customers & (3) yourself. Don't let people tell you what to do. Let them inspire you.
What holds the future
Hopefully it'll be full of unexpected opportunities, innovations and inspirations.
My strengths
Open-minded, approachable, creative, combination of business & research analytics.