Sacha Engels

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Sacha Engels
Branche: Retail & Health
Company Name: Engels & Partners
Availability: As a mentor (adviser or supervisor) on a longer basis. (Not available for a one-off coffee chat, but of course a cooperation starts with first a cup of coffee :-)) In terms of time I often work in principle with 2 calls per quarter of around 2 hours (so block in a morning or afternoon). In addition, I am then available for telephone consultation in between. I work for this with a fixed fee of € 1500 per quarter. No long complicated agreements. Obviously, confidentiality. And as soon as 1 of the 2 parties thinks that it has no added value, we stop.
In 1990 I started Engels & Partners - the 1st agency for freelance marketing and communication specialists in the Netherlands. Intuitively I felt that the time was right for such a construction. And indeed E & P proved to be a pioneer in a form of work that is now impossible to imagine. My agency developed into the authority in the field of interim work for experienced marketing and communication professionals. In 2008 it was sold to the Works Group, within which it still operates successfully.

Since then I have been using my experience and passion as an investor, commissioner and advisor. I know what really matters, and I can help and inspire to get the focus (again) clear and sharp. I act as a sounding board and catalyst. Open, honest and reliable. Challenging and stubborn. But always constructive.
Tips & Tricks
Do not think in problems but inopportunities and possibilities Always cut a problem into smaller pieces, then they are easier to tackle. And then apply the 'scenario thinking' system.
What holds the future
My personal mission is to contribute to making female entrepreneurship stronger and more successful.
My strengths
To inspire, motivate, listen and advise as an experience expert. Pragmatic and direct.
My motto
Why walk your way through life when you can dance !