Marja Ruigrok

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Marja Ruigrok
Branche: Sales & Marketing
Company Name: Ruigrok NetPanel
Availability: I'm available for 8 hours a month, but this is flexible (sometimes a one time conversation, sometimes a serie of conversatons with a maximum of 6 times).
I'm an ''old school'' entrepreneur, who always sees the opportunities in innovation. Still it comes down to making more money than your spending, sales and happy employees.

In 25 years a build a successful company and I've grown from a one-woman business to 25 employees. In my business loyal employees and loyal clients are key. I can help you with keeping your employees and make sure that they're happy.
Next to that the client is always key. I can really help with client focus, client research and marketing.

After 25 years I've transferred my business through employee participation
Tips & Tricks
Don't be afraid
Do, than think
Earn more than you spend
Look ahead
My strengths
Inspire, motivate, work hard together and have real fun together
My motto
''If you can't share, you can't multiple''