Mariet van Duijn

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Mariet van Duijn
Branche: Finance
Company Name: Rabobank
Availability: +/- 2 hours a month
I work as an Account Manager for SMEs in Amsterdam. What I like about my work so much? That is to take my bike to the entrepreneur and then have a conversation. And become enthusiastic about the plan, contribute ideas and see the company emerge and/or grow. In this role I am also involved in TheNextWomen, to help entrepreneurs with (financing) issues and to connect entrepreneurs with ideas and initiatives.
Tips & Tricks
Team: look what you are good at, do that and find team members around you.
Plans: make a (financial) plan and regularly check where you are and / or you need to make adjustments.
Administration: make sure your administration is in order and you understand what is happening.
What holds the future
Keep evolving!
My strengths
Financial analysis & connecting relations and networks to each other.