Marieke de Koning

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Marieke de Koning
Branche: Commerce & Branding
Company Name: De Reclamefabriek
Availability: As a communication advisor during the development and execution of commercial campagnes.
After my International Management studies, I started my career at the Walt Disney Company. After working there for 7 years as, amongst others, Sales Promotion Manager Benelux, I pursued my career in advertising. Working 12 years as a Client Services Director and MT at international advertisement agencies (Publicis Groupe, Saatchi & Saatchi), both national and international accounts.

In 2010 I joined the Reclamefabriek (advertisement agency) as Managing Partner and since 2016 I'm also partner at Red Button (digital production).
Tips & Tricks
Work not only IN your company, but also ON.
This will profit you in the long run.
Be the architect, not the workman.
What holds the future
Developing tools to automize the advertisment processes. Simplify it. With the aim to save advertisers big bucks.
My strengths
Looking at a "communication problem" in a fresh and new way, together with the client.
And to find a solution that's both effective and efficient.