Lisette Zijm

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Lisette Zijm
Branche: Finance
Company Name: Rabobank
Availability: +/- 2 hours a month
This year I have been active within the business segment of Rabobank for 10 years. In my current position, I support entrepreneurs with growth plans and financing issues. I do this work with pleasure, in the dynamic Amsterdam is not the same day and every entrepreneur & company is unique.

Through the The Next Women I hope to be able to help entrepreneurs with business issues. From my studies in Hotel Management and Business Administration and the different business models that I see passing by on a daily basis, I think I can make a valuable contribution to the growth of your company.
Tips & Tricks
Focus: do not want too much at the same time, make sure your key business is / becomes profitable Insight: without good (daily) insight into the financial situation of your company you are nowhere
What holds the future
I hope to make the next step in my career in the coming years. I will investigate what it will be in the coming period.
My strengths
Great empathy, good at fathoming business plans and the revenue model, pragmatic approach