Jochum Jarigsma

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Jochum Jarigsma
Branche: Sales
Company Name:
Availability: Cup of coffee is always possible and then I do short assignments (training) or longer ones (investing in, and running the (commercial part of) company.
I started as a salestrainer. Founded 2 companies, invested in 8. I love people with a goal, running marathons and going to the pool with my kids. I hate wasting time and unclear objectives.
Tips & Tricks
There are many. Start with the end in mind, use your time wisely and 1000s of others (aks my kids about my ‘stokpaardjes’)
What holds the future
Investing in another copamny and assisting with day to day running (I believe in boots on the ground)
My strengths
Action driven, level headed and focused on results
My motto
Let's go!