Ivana de Haan

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Ivana de Haan
Branche: Fashion & Business Development
Company Name: IVANA Bags
Availability: Longterm mentor / coach
I was born in Serbia and came to the Netherlands as a five year old. When I was seventeen I started working as an administrative assistant at an employment agency and worked my way up to Technical Intermediary. During my career as an intermediary, I followed a five-year HBO-P and A course at the SOSA, Hoogeschool Haarlem. I graduated in 2001.

In the same year I started my first company with two other companions. An employment agency for technical personnel. In 2003 I started my second company, also with them. A metal company company that made parts for the dairy industry. We did International business, including Poland. In 2009 I set up a new company, without partners. In a downward economy I succeeded in turning it into a very successful company.

At the end of 2015 I thought I should do something completely different with my life. That has resulted in a private exclusive hand bags and ties line under the name, IVANA. The collection was first received at the LXRY Fair in December 2016.
During the year 2017 and the first half of 2018 I have traveled a lot to promote my brand through events and fashion shows in Monaco, Paris, Madeira and Amsterdam. During the same period I was asked several times as a speaker in London, Dubai and Ghana. To top it all off I have been able to offer the Royal Family in Monaco an exclusive bag with matching ties from my collection.
Tips & Tricks
> Always keep your focus on your goal.
> Trust your intuition and always follow it. When in doubt, the answer is no!
> Learn reading and listening between the lines.
> Do the utmost to get to the most out of yourself, because only then do you step over your fear.
> Take your time.
> Teach yourself. Do not rely on advice from third parties.
> Set appointments on paper.
> Finish what you start with. Always
What holds the future
I want to get my collection worldwide recognition. It is not just a product, but a bag with a mission. It is in fact the question; What is it about in life? What is really important now? What makes us happy and a better version of ourselves? That is how I finally arrived at the idea of ​​my bag line. In the future I will publish my book about my life story and I hope to be able to coach and inspire a lot of people in the near future to do what is most achievable with their lives. My mission is; Dare to yourself!
My strengths
One of my strengths is that I can oversee many things and therefore be a good leader. I always know how to find a solution to a problem and what it takes to prevent or solve the problem. I am a persistent, enterprising and have control over my actions. In the greatest chaos I can still hold my focus. I do not need material things to be a happy person. So I will never step into that trap. I am open to learning, to grow and to challenge myself. Even though I would feel insecure. I will continue anyway.