Herman Kienhuis

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Herman Kienhuis
Branche: Strategy & Tech
Company Name: River Venture Partners
Availability: A few hours per month as advisor and/or angel investor
I'm a former chemical engineer, strategist and digital business developer, now VC tech investor and angel, aiming to help entrepreneurs build digital companies that change people's lives. Married to an art historian who brings balance to my life, proud father of three teens, loving live music, movies, vintage design and slow food with friends.
Tips & Tricks
Start with why and dream big, but take one step at a time
Your team makes the difference: hire slow, fire fast
Know your customer: solve a problem worth paying for
Decide with data: capture data from the start to steer and improve
What holds the future
Find inspiring people to create impact and have fun with!
My strengths
Brainpower, curiosity, creativity, integrity, eye for people, goal-oriented