Frank Appeldoorn

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Frank Appeldoorn
Branche: Finance & Network
Company Name: Arches Capital
Availability: A cup of coffee. Unless we decide to invest, of course.
Frank Appeldoorn (1979) is founder of Arches Capital. Frank has earned his credits as a venture capitalist with an operational finance and IT background, developing and driving financial performance of strategic business plans.
He started the Volta Ventures organization in the Netherlands, including deal sourcing, closing and deal follow-on. Prior to Volta, Frank acted as an advisor to IT startups in their fundraising efforts. Frank holds a master’s degree from Rotterdam School of Management and ESADE in Barcelona, Spain. He also received a Register Controller Degree from Nyenrode University.
Frank has lived and worked in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and the US. Frank is married and has three kids. When all this leaves him some spare time, Frank loves to play tennis and keep in shape as road cyclist.
What holds the future
Just launched Arches Capital.
My strengths
Growth, knowledge, networking, financial advice.