Eugenie de Bresser

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Eugenie de Bresser
Branche: Personal and organisational development. Leadership. Strategy. Fast growth.
Company Name: De Bresser Beheer BV, former SKS Alles Kids
Availability: I am available for a cup of coffee, for a single advice session but also as longterm (business)coach and mentor.
In 2006 I was hired as managing director of Stichting Kinderopvang Spijkenisse, a local childcare organisation with 180 employees. Together with the external controller I did a management buy-out in 2007, after which we became owners (I had 51%) of SKS Alles Kids B.V. In the years after that we expanded through 3 acquisitions and autonomous growth to become, by 2018, a company with over 400 employees, more than three times the original turnover (while we had to fire 200 employees during the recession!) and 33 locations in 5 different cities in the south west of the Netherlands. In 2018 we sold SKS Alles Kids mainly because of my partners’ approaching retirement. Before SKS Alles Kids I worked for large international companies for which I also set up separate business units: for example Seiko Communications that launched the Message Watch on the Dutch market and Vedior Medical Square, a specialised brand within Vedior Uitzendbureau targeting the healthcare sector. After an exciting selection process, I was a finalist in The Entrepreneur of the Year 2010; in 2012 and in 2013 we won the Best Managed Companies Award and in 2017 I got a place in the Next Women top 100, categorie gold. My educational background is law (masters), business administration (post academic) and psychology (masters).
What holds the future
It’s a privilege to be able to share my knowledge and experience with (young) entrepreneurs. Working with people and helping them grow has always been my biggest passion. Therefore I am looking forward to giving business guidance and coaching. Beside that I am looking for opportunities to invest.
My strengths
According to clients, employees and other stakeholders I am an open, empathic, inspiring, energetic, and committed person who’s not only a good entrepreneur but also capable of taking people along with her in difficult times or times of change.
Tips & Tricks
Make sure that you gather the right people around you, with skills that are complementary to yours. Organisational development goes together with personal development: organise your feedback. Believe in your dream and in yourself.